these and other ... notes from the flying city ~


They call it the 'jazz' festival. But it's more than that. It's about people, and subtle moments, and the poetry of summer. And if you're like me, you are breathing the air of desire.


When it comes to summer, love is always ready. The thing's finding the right rhythm, the hour the place. Between two meetings, two lovers. Summer becomes a season to come and then, to stay.


Okay, let's say the jazz festival. That's where. Near the Places des Arts exit. So many. And you and I. And we can try again. How about Friday?


It was not too long ago I happened to attend a poetry recital. I was quiet, and still within myself. I looked across the room, and saw you there.
It was the only time I looked and you happened to look up. Glances were passed momentarily. And that was it. Nothing more or less. A moment returning .

Do you recall that one?


Is this how we meet ? In the city there is you and me. I am here and you're there. Walking, wondering, sitting. Reflecting. Asking yourself the same question, what am I doing? I've seen you many times _ on the sidewalks, at a cafe, on the metro, train stations, bus-stops, the bus, the movies. Passing by on the street.Why don't we speak. It's about time. We've loved one another a long time. Too long now and it hurts. Doesn't it? I'm waiting. And I know you are. One day you asked me for directions, or what time the last metro left on the green line. I happened to be in Verdun that day, and another time, it was the Cote-Ste. Catherine metro. It doesn't really matter, does it? It could have been anywhere. There's all sorts of places where people don't meet, and wish they had, or wanted to say something more. But life took over, habits, yes, old habits, of turning away. I know you're the same as me. You're tired of being alone. Fed-up with doing it all alone. And time is going by. That's how lives get missed. Say yours and mine. We can try. Here for a start. You could be anywhere, in Montreal, Toronto, over in San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Paris, Dublin, or St. John's Newfoundland. Or ina plane reading this. It's about time we found one another.