Bela Tarr .... excerpts from Damnation ...

Béla Tarr's Damnation -scene-

______________ Whereas I've not seen the entire film yet, these excerpts persuade one like they persuade you viewer.


think about that its close to a precipice experienced by some, viewed by others ,
daily to some __ nightly to its other ________shifting self identity

--------------------------------> from journal of critical studies a recent
Nathan Coombs ' (September 23rd, 2009)

"To understand the powerful allure of nostalgia, and the attendant pleasure derived from its inherent fatalism, the effect of Tarkovky’s films is instructive. Much like Bela Tarr’s films too, the barrenness of the landscapes, the empty space, the mud on the roads and bare shelves have an undeniable aesthetic appeal, to the extent that it is easy to sometimes forget that the progressive mission is to create a society of abundance for all, and not hark back to the austerity of the rural commune (eco-socialists) or brutalist mass industry and housing tenements (neo-Stalinist nostalgiacs for the Soviet Union)."

Nostalghia unto Death

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