Treasure Island


I treasure. Remember . I remember. being. Being becoming in your mouth. How comfortable it was. you seemed to hold me. right inside your skirt. as your garter belt gathered a bit, i climbed, shimmied a little higher, right inside your sexpussy. i was home! finally. you came as my mouth reaching righ t inside roared your name, then GuSh! GuSh of Flame and Oil as you Came.

and guess what ? I did too!


as we held each other's coming


Okay this could be come a poem. it could. it might not. likely it wont. but its better than nothing. and since your hands are so far. it'll have to do.
as temporary. as it might seem. it stretches far enough to you between us keeping our bodies locked in.
like a love, lock. one could say. that. yes, one could. and iNSide your Mouth Is Cool.