Sisster !~ Brother!sss One!!ZZ, baffled that you did say all of this to us about money. Money is for the something something If clickky clickedy-click it is because both nowhere

DId I ask why you were not rich? It was a canard!

Never justify yer selves to us!
Not possible.

And Mona texts
WHat pitieous gorillas of death have left my table

you mingle the tongue of accents

I am nedongo de Shella

SHella dinongo was Tzarasthina de ratcha!

So wellchewade Mogo!!

Speegyou in Guessengers!

well and fine Shee spink her spak!

her bodies length tongue in the "single quotes before " dots

your work done redone undone

all pizzers are pizzicato

all pizzers are pizzicato

(come to my reaching table darling)

(in english does this say she want spanking?)
(panikins my love~)