shove exaMple S'Ample

shove desire down

blocks down

skin flesh box
tongue hanging
sideway little dog
who's blue
mot d'ordre
word of desist-
hips the high moment
of refusal

(okay my darling you're coming

and so are you)

eggnog self the body
its evitable square of porch
"a fragment of a sente ..." keeps the "mol.."
embyron torn from its suitcase
frenched by the ease
a farrow snouts the absent vowel
of predications and divagation
third voice
chip feet repetition solve drivers of
the preconscious
a slob a slob
lobs a bear into the beast
the ground toughed out by the sun
her body not a thought or name wants him

this way sonnets keep faith
n' waking wigs
parenting fruit
As you know every hour
it's your thought
keeps us awake


sustains me