mouth to sentence

every hullabaloo is you! and you too ghost of your relaxed lounge. Or body down by the river . and solo. we have merited. every ghost. every harem. come again. this week our product is death. not the shocking henna piece by the trapeze artist, but a real hooker wearing spanky pants. this way she can 'work it out' beside her self. beside the other tramps. theres a hurdle of them. fantasists and fuckbrains! otherwise shes' a harlot in paris, a shammer in New York, a play by numbers in Denmark.

______________________________________________this has arrived by telegram.
sentences to try on like mouths worn by the skull and mask
_______________________ come for dinner the orgy waits. or the wait is an orgy. its a roman bath. and I dont mean a bathroom. a sort of sordid shadow of the overflowing and loving.