so goes the fishy fish dish

I prefer bad poetry . Dont you? inverb we does. it cometh as a green screen protecting my eyes. as love is a block, adog, a truckfuck

I'll preference bad poetry. O why and hum.


in the cold you crisper. remonstrate . now that's the way to do it. sink it baby. anger comes a drpfrog leapin burping humpin' her frillsatin gape. i likes them that leave. their storm trooper anger feeds the energy of verse. inspiring a curse, a lame duck, a pack of weaklings, pucks flying fast thee net. I do mean fast the net. nototherwise. dig? its called Lovedrub. A love drubdrub someone's pride must fall and fell. as it was soon to bound its happen.


Letter to an Open Vowel