Emphysema ___ Luv StorEe

we exist. only by way others. if you think. he said. you can exist by yourself.

some inner self. this is false. we are lines. and rows. of flowers. and garden. we are even highways runninginto each other invisible and visible body. our mouth meeting inside the secret location of between. over the self. you think.
aound the hand of our love. smoke wreathing. we wear the darning song.

Emphysema (A Love Story)
By Janet Munsil

"Janet Munsil's play focuses on another of the legion of Lulu devotees - English theatre critic Kenneth Tynan. Haunted by images of Lulu drawn directly from the film, Tynan seeks out the actress - now in her 70s - and spends three days interviewing her for a profile in the New Yorker. Both are dying of emphysema, and the air in the theatre is permeated with the smoke of their ever-present cigarettes.

As Tynan interviews the reclusive actress, he carries with him a fantasy of Lulu, embodied on the stage in parallel with the images from the film projected above. As he gets to know the real Louise Brooks, however, his passion for Lulu changes. The leather-clad bad girl of the first scene slowly gives way to the real woman he has discovered."