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Jackson Pollock


28 January 1912

with Keith Holness seeing Pollock 17 years old at the Musee des Beaux Art s~~

Died ~~
11 August 1956 Or some time after he born

Turner SnowStorM

Ruskin on Turner
Thirst for largeness - grasp of terror

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In the year 1842 this picture was thus described by Turner in the Academy Catalogue:

"Snowstorm. Steamboat off the harbour mouth making signals, and going by the lead. The author* was in this storm the night the Ariel left Harwich. ...
* Note Turner's significant use of this word, instead of "artist."It was characterized by some of the critics of the day as a mass of "soapsuds and whitewash.

Then he burst out, "Soapsuds and whitewash! What would they have? I wonder what they think the sea's like ? I wish they'd been in it... "

think of Hopkin's

Into the snows she sweeps,

Hurling the haven behind,

The Deutschland, on Sunday; and so the sky keeps,

For the infinite air is unkind,

And the sea flint-flake, black-backed in the regular blow,

Sitting Eastnortheast, in cursed quarter, the wind;

Wiry and white-fiery and whirlwind-swivellèd snow

Spins to the widow-making unchilding unfathering deeps.

She drove in the dark to leeward,
She struck—not a reef or a rock

But the combs of a smother of sand: night drew her

Dead to the Kentish Knock;

And she beat the bank down with her bows and the ride of her keel:

The breakers rolled on her beam with ruinous shock;

And canvas and compass, the whorl and the wheel

Idle for ever to waft her or wind her with, these she

4. The Wreck of the Deutschland

reading that back now im not sure it click Konnects
to Turner . Turner is way wilder in spite of Hopkins' sprung bouncing wrecking rhythm. His religiosity over takes his text.
Oh well
More une autre fois.

The Works of Ruskin, ed. Cook/Wedderburn, vol XIII: The Harbours of England II, Turner's works at the National Gallery 2)

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