tell _________+ and

i Do not have time love's bakery.

"cd...clare...such a bon airs"


off to encounter Clare who's Parnet to his willy-nilly. Or clare to his human foible. O! Glissade O beaux O old age. She was puffed to her smoke. dears. Love is like that. It's a dog. Woof! Woof! my bow-wow to yer meow-meow ~ meow-meow~! Ulysses.


"AND the Jewish girls all
ate pomegranate ...."


Lucy on the other hand is from Singapore
keeps a restaurant going on the edge of the Gay Village
she's a plain sort of but obliging woman,
endlessly helping her family,
putting her own life
on hold
"one day I am gonna leave here ...."

her sister, the more beautiful
of the two
shapely eyes and teeth
her breasts a
breath of
on the


as if bread
cooked by