sonatas|this is my studio if you dont like + all

sonatas|this is my studio if you dont like

oh well
its really quite dirty in hereu aint seen nothing.

did U think this was a book? it

dummiesss're born each second
nice gyroscope

im not saying anything
what are you saying?
id hardly call this a sonnet .u mean a sonatao/ sonnnetto?

there must teea boilin by nowyou and yer tea
c ome over here and kiss me
will ya?
kiss me kate
kiss me kiss me kiss me Miss me kate
old song
shakespeare.... ? maybe

ask Ben

Sartre dropped by. sometimes

te other guy comes with him, Genet, the poet.

Clifford Duffy came over. later.
or with them. i cant remember he smy lover

in the dark

Deleuze ~ Spinoza

"je disais après tout, l’intuition intellectuelle – ce que Spinoza présentera comme l’intuition du troisième genre de connaissance, – c’est bien une espèce de pensée comme éclair. C’est bien une pensée à vitesse absolue. "


t' spare


Rue Hippolyte-Maindron #46

all these words are on parole

Tu m'hai con disiderio il cor disposto
sì al venir con le parole tue,
ch'i' son tornato nel primo proposto .

You, with your words, have so disposed my heart
to longing for this journey-I return
to what I was at first prepared to do.

have so disposed. got rid of the heart?
what vowel precedes the name the debt of the name . the word
n'ame contains ame _soul

so then
as he steps into
and out of

lets not pretend
more than we know.
but knowing our pretence is soul
we can say we've seen all things
bearing on the dead


do you speak Italian?
of course.

hardly remember the tea