kAsPaR CraB __2Two Two.+ Three tree

InterView: Is it true MisteR Duffy you saunter like a crab, creep like a wolf, sham like a shem, mem like a reb, and sling like a smiling simile across the brook of your neck.

Duffy: when I got my first canadadadada grant I was very broke I had 43 kids and no friends, and 4000 wives. something was rong-rong and we could not even get welfare!!
Imagine how we lived!
like animals with tropes in our brains!
and on top of that!
we had nothing but our holes!

Robert DeNiro walks "like" a crab in a certain film sequence; but, he says, it is not a question of his imitating a crab; it is a question of making something that has to do with the crab enter into composition with the image, with the speed of the image.

—Deleuze and Guattari, AThousand Plateaus

alas alasous m alas our good kaspar is dead.  goodness




arp HanS ArP (see footnote)


when we met Arp we was rich
we had nothing left but glances
she was a friend of Welfare and Tzara
they were both characters in my book
I was told they could not be
as they had apparently no 'inward'
life as in the books so called of
G. Eliot . well when Darling Daintty
foot met Mona she was very good with
Welfare and Tzara. Tzara had a mother
and her name was Me, or Mether.
So. you could see. Losing the
game was a metaphysical coup of puck.

Yes, I got pregnant with Hans child.
Immaculate reception.

I am the lover.

Come to my head. of Lover . Heads..S..S...SSS.


Mister Duffy: Pleas!E Reply to the Questions!!!

Interviewer Shouts screams hauls ass off.

Duffy come to me with oats and fulgurant flowrS


come and meet wife
we married two year
got umpeen baby


shit she my name.
where nappy???

Welfare get over here! will you!!!
wear did you go,
with yer threads and bootykins!

Shit yer face
Arp go home.

Henry has an ass.
a borrowed donkey is her name.

she has haunted houses to live in.
one daya blog got her name.
she was him.

|||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Miste Duffy can U send me a picture please?
No, I did. You said you dont love my face.

but its a fadoface.
a visage to grander with.




1.Grace was the name of a woman
who walked around naked on the farm.
2. the 'farm' was the name of a hippy
commune where we lived.
3. i was 18.
4. really?
5. am I pretty?
6. No, yer Better.


what year did all this take
place? in 5900 B.C.E.
I think it s called
B. C. stands for Before Clifford
A.D. signals After Duffy.


U have a big ego?
she does not have an ego
shes many
knots an ego.

Loves her name.


her name is character.