She walkd over to his standing

Sauntering she wander.~ed like a poet.

around mou[CHANGE:months]ths of the earth .

(Found blue~ berry)__ she found hi m AND took his cockhiscock in her mouth they headed south

(on blueberry hill)

(in the wood)
[cls this be the dark wood
that Italian hell guy talked about]

___________________________ and saying said ~

you like a poet, he said|not like a poet| you like a crook| taking heart from them| you look crooked. you look like a thief

who never gets sleep.

And She did Her eye roved the hill__ She dadaDuffy naked. As

[her tongue roved his balls. she came to his hindquarter][moved intook a bed] the day he was borned. He was bornd
the water ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wave
sun grey dark_______________________ around her ass

were the marks she wanted stung.
light between lights of pearl to off`grey ~

~ Meander
ing ~ We t Feet ~ swing heels

[take off your pants Dada! please squeeze me~!]

rooted to the earth's falling breath
its infinite fall of light

~ and weather is feeling s feeling weather weather feeling

( it is an old figure of speech )
as in One says I feel blue -- like the sky

[I feel like steel]

(poet becomes
painter walking hereyes her eyeing everything great insatiable curiosity~)
his eyes take in her lies.

And another sky
[sky stuff gettin boring]


I am down and in a fun k like a grayish sky

I am stormy as the sky whipped by winds
the sea madly tossed by torrents tornadoes!
roaring ships
sailors over a water of cloud
(the long grass sang through the sea
fishermen lost in the dark
rowing their bark
sing songs
of hope

and I am merry like the chase of the moon and sun

But her eye her eyes ~were a hand touching what she saw
her eye a finger over the land of her touching
[too many feminine rhymes
tough'en it]

walking stalks the urban ?land
and the
smell stink? sea

And so she did

follow him to the sea
the See


This verse has been refused
for purposes



subject of its inspiration

we wont say dishonest

rather it was....

it left more than something to be desired