seeks to

how it is rhapsody of difference ~ over the city last night ~ its grand beauties of versions of human. shapped colour sized, length , sexual, wantings, so much, a lettuce of tasted differences each, among the other leaves in the greening grass of the mound ~ as women, heaped, caped, cored, clear, simple, wide, between, breasted, high low, young and middle years waist and loved, men too their arms clinging the long years, love, and its boxer attendant. their many on them their love to the world coming faat skinny, poor middle class, working , and the Hey its not that simple, Love,its complex disunion of many and parts equal to differences as mouths fit lovers sex, and breast, and kissing , and each , and ,

how then its a creation of the write-over the repressed finally edged,

the cross out acting as the deterritorialized land alluded in some reference repressed...

one can farther. but I wont.
thank you these newer versions are ... effective

often times the restraint forces one to create a difference..
of art

Dada DUffy, the DiffereNce dancer of text

seeks to find yeR Name

when I called
your hand went to your lip
fir st the Upper
then lower
as if your finger tipped




to yours