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did you really think he was god I was go did U think I was god wahat page of lslipped orthgrogs was that? was yer beodee between lines of bourgoise ee borrowed mist? can a machinemake it eYe . ? where does it syntax hail to barrow and sill of respecting poets. a machine poet.

harbinger of pate plate not
head of ape
the gorilla of death
was some ontology of spasm between lakes of difference

some and then

then some. the head of ape, not apse. Or architrave of yon and yore. was some place to pelt the _ f rought iron of ruined metal caps mallet of fallen sky heaven to pave the leaves of autum n .


they will publish books
not seeing love
their books fading
ines wrinkling like the lines of a once beautiful woman
who's bitternes's not ceased ~


A wind whispered better not
becoming this way
better waves on seas curl