poetry dicta tor ship|SplOggEr

a quote from my father who is in poetry heaven

"... then poetry ... is a real dictatorship of the mind... '

this particular father being one Tristan Tzara

'n as my other fatherppppapa says i got multitudes so if i speak contra
you see I got big space here
but it gotta be poesie
of glance single & gem


paint the world Pink like th Pink Panther do_es

find an accent to powder yer kit _ chen

another father sez

hhm do i believe in god,?

yes sure

do I believ in goddess why yes, shes a blue baby on the edge of the Moon!


her breasts scoop the sky

so if you can figure ( idont mean onlEe Figure Of SpEech
what Poetic constellation that is baby yer hot

jazz means to talk informal
like an Acadienne
or Irish bum en anglais---------------------------