benny meets Mister DaDa_ Richard 3

________________________________________ Call it the Missing Object ~ but what is missing can be found

-----------------------------its cute this video's now beeN zappEd off
and disappeared somewheres ~
DePuis Quand?
since when how long art how long
long has art wildbeest? commes les fauves
d'antan? commes les dames d'antan?
since short art has?
shell shocked
bites this tooth, of war?
& other measures
a spit salved pleasure
of 'war the same old
for two thousand years'

yer Behold the Lamb is not
a tale peelings its mouth
at the edges of time
a burnouse


  • UbuSound Hausee

  • Raoul Hausmann_ 1886-1971, kicked the bucket
    five years prior to Hans Richter _
    Raoul _ Dadaist of renown &


    Mounting of

    Jeux Méchaniques, 1956.
    et Sonnate de Schwitters
    . you must paste and cut as
    paste and cut and cutpaste
    not 'automatise' linkage. Link age?
    age is her fen

  • Yvonne

  • Fou a Delires
    language thinks
    thonks of thenks saith Mona, my Mona


    my darlings he saidto me in a privateletter sent whilst on the 'fun run' with Isou you must holdyer nose high to get back returning the guards to theirproperty of sham stock and sometimeswe have got phonemes to war babies cackle the teethat Bisch Bosch dawn's dirty smilemud spattere shite blockauction of this thing its purse is publicelectricity generated...beheld the gland maid of the Bor'din London slum after Paris jauntover Dublin dumpswhat can he say that'll sellfrozne question diktats .2 of suds and in thee dollar storing Raoul shakes his nein to me emstuttering its too offthe further begin of grangepardon I beg your pardon?
    gapper gaffer of 'old toothless fool'his notion of prose is the exclusive nightof dens with shamble paste stuck to itsglueor these othersare like
    woman who must scrubtheir butts too much!how can they smell?

    Hause Hause Hauser laughs,giggles bad man of the outlawscr ystal clear lion to his cousinTristan the milk manno the beg manthe bay ramSo the

    line goeth comme caTristanDadaIsouDebord[e]r Otherwhat lineage of idiolect patois self is that???

    Will the re[e]al Sophie LorenPlease stand up?

    Fou a Delires