but | our


but our manna is stolen from us. the economy of desire is injured by our enemy. enemies. we are left "high and dry" on the hill of abundance. the dance of harvest is captured. we are captives. the machine chews out the kids of intelligence. spewed forth by the pawns of the flood. capital floods the "market" with shite and then . some. more broke. than. yer credit . lines . taught by fear. hate. the hurricanes "arrive" the cities are overwhelmed. whelmed the ship of "state" is paranoiac. thousands are sent. to the. the camps. the children. of Moloch and the cOnSumption god. yer shit will be recycled. yer whoring used to fuel the jets which plunder the skies. a country north of the empire's center which is nowhere and everywhere. here you reach the nape of death. in those days the floods and hurricanes came to eat them. in the settled suburbs of their fear. and the television god knew no rest. as the bodies of the world suffocated. the memory of the death camps rose in their recline and hatred to haunt the millions more to flounder. this time the fire of flood and the planet. of bust. word. fall. the canada the whore hypocrite. greatest land mass after russia homeless hymn of them without shelter. no room in the stable of the class of . credit. wealth. debit. throw forth the bodies. interest on . off. on oil. on yer breath. tax thy breath. tax thy sex. tax yer pleasure. pleasure branded by the high counter. till you give the body up moving to the other side of the astral planes. who knows what capitalist lies there. one reads this in the reports of others. who been. what telegraph of breath has eaten your heart. not a game of proof and reproof.

more anon. the betweens. of edge and grief. exile to end street. to alone. to fabric between knees. between disease. by grand canal we sat down and cried. our bodies spectered by the capitalist cronies and the monsters came in planes and cars to question our beings.

we are the . bt the answer was not some. broke. spe__. some piece of conso_nan_t a left over T. squared by the atom.


Over each toe
there's hope

a foot bouncing
away its light
its lambent ~



open ended heel ~