nor is time |two in one

1. One is

setting the scene

a worsted bug a rug
facing the pest


is you punishing yourself
[add italics reader]

no direction
cause no power
no higher flow
(short clippy words
wont do)


purpose none proposed except self-deceive the weave or weevil my dear 4 abstain thread? stained bed of thread to hang 5 nailing the pelvis is not a good idea it hurts riveting bolts is better weak images dont do the trick 6 prayer is not arch but simple kneeling its forward head to glance 7 pretence does not a parrying pray confect or 8 bivouac yer butt 9 shag for four hours at least 10 later exhausted mentation leaves nothing but bills duck bills platypus spelling errors included 11 a moon bitten fire stolen from a lover build no fires for any higher you go Icarus sister you gotta come down 12 yer shyness has a hollow edge to it 13 moon it the devilry room the delivery broom this shyness is perverse Madame 14 Your licence's been revoked Scraam! Pazaaam~